Protection Against Facility Explosion: The Use of Safety Cabinets Within the Working Environment

24/09/2013 14:27

Within manufacturing, chemical-handling and industrial working areas, threats to life such as explosions can possibly be there. Thus, installing facilities and fixtures that shall promote the safety of everyone is highly recommended in all these working areas.


The use of safety cabinets is one of the most common means of promoting safety within the working environment. Cabinets are more than furniture that add to the beauty of the room but it is the best type of facility to use in holding some types of chemicals whether it is for later disposal or for storage. But then again, there are some important points which you have to learn and keep in mind before you finally decide to secure a safety cabinet and use it within your factory, laboratory, plant and other types of working places.


Always remember that safety cabinets may not be used for general storage.


This fact tells you that a safety cabinet should not be used in storing different sorts of chemicals together. What you need to always bear in mind is the possible result of putting incompatible substances together such as fire, explosion, gasses or heat.


It is important that you are aware of the kind of cabinet that you are using before you utilize it within your working area. For instance, there are cabinets which are suitable for pesticides, wastes, flammables and combustibles. More than that, it is never good to be arranging your chemicals in an alphabetical order. To know how to arrange chemicals in the safest possible way, you have to follow the standards of the MSDS.


Aside from knowing the type and nature of the chemical stored inside a safety cabinet, it is essential that you know each of their ratio. In many cases, the maximum ratio for each class of chemical would be 60 gallons. More than that, you have to separate and sort out the chemicals which are combustibles from the chemicals which are flammables. In this manner, safety and rupture discs can be optimally promoted.


Identify the best location for your safety cabinets.


Not only you need to know how chemicals should be arranged and stored inside safety cabinets, you also have to be aware of the proper way of positioning safety cabinets within your workplace. It is advisable to place safety cabinets away from places that are receiving direct heat from the sun or where other heats are present. But then of course, do not place your storage cabinets under a sink just to keep it away from heats. If you want to read more about explosion suppression, visit